Mellqvist & Jung is a multi-purpose cultural space for Swedish and Korean food and art. 

We offer our customers a sustainable and delicious range of food and meals, making their daily life more convenient and healthier.

Modern and contemporary Korean and Swedish art are presented at our space.

This is how we want our customers and visitors to experience culture through food and art.

Meet the co-owners, Christopher Mellqvist

Mellqvist brings his passion for food, beverages and culture as well as his strong experiences and network. At Mellqvist & Jung, he wants to share the flavors and culture from Sweden and Korea. 

He is one of the key leaders and influencers of the food and beverage industry in Sweden.

His interest for delicious, sustainable and healthy food grew fast since he was in his youth. 

A dream came true. In his early thirties he became the owner of the food hall at NK (Nordiska Kompaniet anno 1902) that he has run for 17 years.

NK Food Hall has been considered as an extraordinary place that has led food trends and elevated food standards by working with high quality Swedish and international suppliers and chefs. He has worked with many top Swedish chefs for food contents and activities. Together with 800 suppliers and 70 staff members he made an ultimate gastronomic destination.


Meet the co-owners, Judy Hyunjoo Jung

Jung brings her unique experiences and interests in international business, food and art. At Mellqvist & Jung, she wants to provide experiences combining food and art over cross-culture of Sweden and Korea.

She has had several leading positions during her 17 years at Electrolux, a Swedish home appliance company, for different business areas including food-related internationally.

She was a Vice President responsible for small domestic appliances globally at Electrolux. She was also a country manager of Electrolux, in Korea and Japan.

She has been traveling heavily in her life and being with many people from different countries and cultures. That has influenced her interests and passion that is to be shared in her new venture at Mellqvist & Jung.