Bok Jumeoni with Pheasant Embroidery - Camellia Red

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Bok Jumeoni with Pheasant Embroidery

“Bok Jumeoni” is a Korean traditional ”fortune pouch”, which is used for wishing people a safe and healthy life. Pheasant, the embroidery on the bag, has auspicious meaning in Korean history; it is the one that conveys the will of God; it means also richness and fecundity.

Product Details
Bok Jumeoni with Pheasant embroidery
Size: 27cm x 26cm (42cm with string)
Material: Silk
Color: Red from Camellia Flower

Caring (washing and ironing)
* Dry cleaning is recommended, and wash the product separately. It may shrink when it is in contact with water, but if it should be washed with water please wash it by hand with a gentle detergent for dry cleaning and dry it carefully
* Ironing in silk mode is recommended.
* All silk materials become softer as you use them.
* Silk bags are quite fragile, not as strong as thick canvas bags. Sewing is very solid, but the fabric is sensitive. 


Note: This is an artwork.
There is only one item for each color, which is exhibited in our art space. You can order it first and receive the work when the exhibition is finished. it will be at the end of August 2020.